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March 19th - 20th, 2015
San Diego, CA


RJR Consulting, Inc.
Principal Consultant Bilanx Consulting LLC
Senior Compliance Expert, FDA Group
Former Associate Center Director of FDA's CDRH
(Ex-FDA Official, ISO 14971 Standard Co-Author)
J. E. Lincoln and Associates
Vice President
Research, Cambridge Polymer Group
Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
Director - Operations at Key Surgical
Center for Applied Health Sciences
Senior Scientist
Nelson Laboratories

About Conclave

The ComplianceOnline Medical Device Conclave aims to bring together leading medical device regulatory experts and industry professionals to debate and discuss the most important challenges the industry faces today and the issues that will affect its future.

Sessions Covered

This medical device design course will help attendees gain a basic understanding of failure types, failure modes and failure rates. Based on the failure behavior, different architectural approaches like redundancy, diversity and supervisory architectures will be discussed. Special emphasis is placed on risk and risk control.


The ComplianceOnline Medical Device Conclave will include inspirational keynote addresses, panel discussions, focused workshops, company stalls and more.


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