March 19th - 20th, 2015
San Diego, CA
Medical Device Conclave 2015
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Why attend the ComplianceOnline Medical Device Conclave?

The ComplianceOnline Medical Device Conclave will be one of the largest gatherings of medical device companies, suppliers, professionals and experts in 2015. This year has shown that the industry continues to face a number of issues that will be affecting it in the long-term. The controversial medical device tax, the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, the fast pace of technical developments and the regulatory hurdles that these bring up – these are topics that the industry as a whole needs to discuss and debate and strategize on.

This event therefore gives professionals – whether they are new entrants in the field or middle management or veterans – to interact with the leading minds in the industry about the current state of laws and technology and government oversight and more. Professionals will get CPE credits after attending workshops and also get prime networking opportunities with their industry peers from the across the US.

The discussions, debates, workshops and exhibitions will also throw light on the direction the industry will take in the future – making it all the more important for today’s medical device professionals to actively take part in the ComplianceOnline Medical Device Conclave.